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Real Gelato Spin Cafe Heber City Utah

Gelato is the most delicious ice cream you will ever eat.

It’s Italy’s version of ice cream, but it’s now loved all over the world.


We make it right here at Spin Cafe from scratch, in small batches.

Our ingredients are real and fresh – no syrups, mixes or artificial anything.

We use house-roasted hazelnuts, Belgian chocolate, fresh local peaches

in season, from-scratch salted caramel, Madagascan vanilla beans, Saigon

cinnamon, fresh ripe pineapple, smoked almonds …

What makes it so good?

Besides being fresh fresh fresh, gelato contains significantly less air

and so it’s denser than regular ice cream.

This gives it a wonderful, velvety texture and intense flavor.

And it’s made with milk instead of cream and eggs.

So gelato contains 4 to 6% butterfat, while premium ice cream

generally contains 16 to 18% butterfat!


We also make Italian-style sorbetto.

It’s rich with fresh fruit without any fat or dairy.

Gelato Ingredients Spin Cafe Heber City Utah
Real Gelato Spin Cafe Heber City Utah

Our Flavors

Each day you’ll find twelve flavors in our gelato case.

Please call us to ask about today’s flavors.


You can have it by the cup, in a float, on a brownie sundae or on top of a

fresh baked peach/blackberry cobbler.

We also have pints and quarts available for you to take home.

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